Book Covers: Hardback vs Paperback

So I’ve done two posts on UK vs US covers and now I thought I’d do a Hardback vs Paperback version because lately I have been noticing that the paperback cover is different from the hardback cover. A lot of the time I prefer the hardback cover and can’t understand why they felt the need to change the paperback one. Sometimes it’s little changes with fonts or colours other times it’s such a drastic change I’m curious as to why they did it. For this post, the hardback will be pictured on the left and the paperback on the right.

1) A World Without You by Beth Revis

This is one example of a drastic cover change for the paperback release. I just think it looks like a really dreary and dull cover. The background fits with the location in the story but it still does nothing for me. It just looks too boring and it would blend in with other books on the shelf. The hardback really caught my eye with all the different coloured string against the white and black background. I saw it and immediately I was interested. I wanted to find out what this book was about. The paperback, on the other hand, just looks like a kid was let loose with a crayon and scribbled all over the front of the cover. It’s very messy and looks quite ugly. I definitely prefer the hardback.

2) Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

This isn’t a drastic change but I still wanted to include it because they have focused more on the crow and left out the red sun. What I like is that they changed the font to the colour red and it makes the “Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget” quotation look a lot more striking against the white background. White, black and red go beautifully together and are very eye-catching colours. I also like the added feather and think that is a nice touch. I think the hardback is absolutely gorgeous but the paperback is pretty nice too so I don’t mind this slight adjustment to the paperback cover. I think these are a tie because I really can’t decide between them.

3) Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Again, not a very drastic change but I definitely have to go with the hardback for this one. I just think the orange font stands out a lot more against the blue background. The reason I bought this book was because the orange colours caught my eye and made me walk over to it to see what it was about. I don’t see why they changed it to baby pink because it does nothing for the story. Orange is a striking colour and goes well with the story in my opinion because it’s a striking story about a flawed society and one girl’s struggle for change. You can’t see it on this picture but the spine on the paperback is pink too which I think looks nice as opposed to a plain looking spine but I still prefer the hardback.

4) The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid

When I first saw this paperback my mouth honestly just fell open. I was in awe because it just looked incredible. They didn’t even change it that much just made it half white, half black. Admittedly, I haven’t read this book yet so I can’t really comment on the half white, half black having any significance to the story. But to me it looks like a good vs evil thing is going on here. Like the dark side, hehe. Star Wars reference. She is designed to protect but also destined to destroy so is seems like she is fighting a battle within herself. She can tell herself protecting people makes her good but then she kills people too. Tell me if I’m wrong but this is the message I get from the paperback cover. I really like the hardback cover but I think the paperback is much more striking so I’d probably prefer that over the hardback if I didn’t already buy the hardback. But the hardback has a red spine which is gorgeous so I’m curious to see what the spine is like on the paperback.

5) Black Ice by Becca Fizpatrick

It will probably come at no surprise that I absolutely hated the hardback of this book and refused to buy it just because I thought it was so ugly. Someone commented on one of my Top 5 Wednesday posts a while ago saying it looks like a horrible photoshop fail and I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. That was such a perfect comment, it made my day. In comparison, the paperback is so much better and it’s more appealing to look at. The hardback just hurts my eyes and I still can’t believe they thought that was an acceptable cover. I am definitely going with the paperback for this one.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! It was a lot of fun to do and I’d love to know if you agree or disagree with any of my choices. Or if you have any other books where you feel strongly about the hardback over the paperback and vice versa. Thank you so much for reading!


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