March FairyLoot Unboxing!

Hey guys! I am back again with another FairyLoot unboxing! I loved the February box and when I saw this one was their one year anniversary box and that it was purple, I just couldn’t pass it up! Plus the theme was Myths & Monsters with dragons and unicorns, etc! I love, love, love mythical creatures so I am so glad I got this box!

Incase you haven’t heard of them, FairyLoot is a YA fantasy monthly subscription box based in the UK. In every book you receive one recently published Young Adult fantasy book and several bookish goodies related to the book’s theme! Lets get into the unboxing, yay!

IMG_20170331_113405.jpg1) Nephilim Candle (Made by Geeky Clean) 

So the first thing I saw when I opened this box was this beautiful Nephilim candle! It smells amazing, I just want to eat it! I love the packaging, it’s such a cute little candle! I don’t think you’d get a lot of burn time out of it though. But it is a really beautiful candle! I love Nephilim, I’ve read so many books about them, they just make for really interesting stories! I especially love Cassandra Clare’s books and am super excited for Lord of Shadows coming out in May! Yay!




2) Unicorn Fairy Lights (Made by Mustard) 

I literally SQUEALED with delight when I saw these! That’s right, this weird little squeal popped right out of my mouth! I am just so freaking made up with these fairy lights, yayayay! They look absolutely gorgeous and so magical! I love unicorns, I was obsessed with them when I was little. I literally ran for batteries for these and they look so pretty all lit up! I can’t wait to hang them in my room! I have been wanting fairy lights for AGES but for some reason I just never got around to buying any! Absolutely made up with these they are so perfect!


IMG_20170331_1139343) Silver Dragon Scale Scarf (Made by GivArt) 

THIS LOOKS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was blown away by this, I’d never expect a scarf in here! I am so made up with this box, I think I love it more than the February box! It’s made of soft Balinese yarn and it says no dragons were harmed in the making of this scarf! Love that, it made me smile! As you can see it looks absolutely gorgeous and so incredibly detailed. It also has FairyLoot on the bottom and I really love that! I will be wearing this a lot! Absolutely made up with it!



IMG_20170331_1135594) Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bookmarks (Made by Bonitismo)

THESE ARE SO FREAKING CUTE! You guys have no idea how long I have wanted magnetic bookmarks for but I’ve never been able to find any I like! But I love these SO SO MUCH! They are so cute, look at them!!! A dragon and a phoenix, I might just die from happiness. I am completely and utterly blown away by these! This box is so incredibly perfect! I’m going to be so torn for which to use first! I love them both so much!



IMG_20170331_1134385) Mermaid Pocket Mirror (Made by Book Otter) 

Another gorgeous item! You never know when you will need another pocket mirror! I’m not too bothered about mermaids, I prefer dragons and unicorns. But this is still nice and it’s very detailed. I will be using this for sure and it will probably end up living in my bag now!






6) Bonus items: Anniversary Booklet and Fallen Online Chapter Sampler

So now we have the one year anniversary booklet which shows the creators of FairyLoot and their journey making the boxes and the design! It also included a sampler for Fallen which is so pretty! I really loved the first book in the Fallen series but then it went a bit downhill from there which is quite sad. But I am excited for the film because I really did love the first book so it’s exciting to see the characters come to life on screen!

IMG_20170331_1137127) Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

I was incredibly excited to see that this book is actually signed as opposed to a bookplate! Nothing against bookplates but I prefer having an actual signature in the book! I don’t know how I feel about this book, I’ve seen it around and I definitely prefer the UK cover! I have heard bad things about it, great things about it, etc. I initially felt a little disappointed because it was a book I wasn’t planning on reading but I can’t deny that the cover is super gorgeous! It’s such a fat book too, it’s huge! And the pages have blue sprayed edges which is awesome! Plus they sent out three different postcards and this is the one I received! I’m happy with this postcard I think it is really pretty and I like the quote it makes the book sound really intriguing!

As you can probably tell I loved this box even more than the February one! I love the scarf and the fairy lights! They are so freaking pretty! I will definitely be ordering more FairyLoot boxes in the future! There won’t be an unboxing for April because I am passing on the April box but hopefully I will be buying more soon! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!


4 thoughts on “March FairyLoot Unboxing!

    • Beth says:

      Aw no that sucks! I really wanted to get an OwlCrate to see what it was like but the shipping was ridiculously expensive! If that was bad for me it’s probably through the roof for you! I hate shipping costs 😦


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