FairyLoot Unboxing: February 2017!

Hey guys! This is very different to what I normally post but I got my first FairyLoot box for my birthday and I really loved it! I thought I’d share with you all everything I got in the box because you get so much! They are such cute little items, it made me so happy unboxing it!

Incase you haven’t heard of them, FairyLoot is a YA fantasy monthly subscription box based in the UK. In every book you receive one recently published Young Adult fantasy book and several bookish goodies related to the book’s theme! The theme for February was Emperors & Fugitives! So lets get into it!

img_20170301_1341261) Full Size Kalusian Sunset Candle (Made by Happy Piranha)

The first item was a really cute candle called Kalusian Sunset! It smells amazing and although I don’t buy candles, I’m just not that in to them, this one is actually really pretty! It’s freaking purple! My favourite colour is purple so it looks even more beautiful to me! It has gorgeous artwork on the outside and the lid has a really cool design. It says that it was named by the author of the month and that the name will make sense after you read the book. That makes me really curious and excited to read it now!



2) Celestial Gunpower Bath Bomb (Made by Bathing Beauties)

I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY PUT A FREAKING BATH BOMB IN THERE! I was so happy to see this because I bloody love bath bombs! They make your skin feel so soft and they are just so relaxing and pretty. This one is a beautiful pink colour and is cupcake scented which is amazing! I can smell it through the packaging and it does smell really nice. I’m some excited to see what this will look like in the bath!



IMG_20170301_125303.jpg3) Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Keychain (Funko)

Okay this is SO DAMN CUTE! I love Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Groot has to the cutest creation ever. It’s a little bobble-head keychain! I can’t cope! I have the full sized bobble-head and now I have a matching keychain! I was so curious to see which one we’d get and I am so made up with this. Baby Groot is amazing! I’m so excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!!!



img_20170301_1253194) Rebel of the Sands Pouch (Made by Alisse Courtier) 

The next item I picked up was a Rebel of the Sands pencil case which is really cool! I didn’t really like Rebel of the Sands but I really like this case! It was hand lettered which is really impressive and I am so excited to have this!





img_20170301_135154.jpg5) Illuminae Quote Coaster (Made by Read At Midnight)

Okay this next one is another really impressive design! It’s so pretty and I use coasters all the time, so this is perfect for me! I haven’t read Illuminae so this quote is lost on me but it is a book I plan on getting to in the future! You can see me taking a picture of it, whoops!




IMG_20170301_125357.jpg6) Space Girl Bookmark (Till and Dill)

I always need bookmarks, it’s always handy having spares! I literally use a bookmark, lose it and then end up using train and bus tickets for months on end! I’m kinda scared to use this because it’s so pretty and I always end up bending my bookmarks! One thing that annoys me a tiny bit is that it’s really flimsy. It bends so easily and feels really thin. I’d have liked a thicker, stronger bookmark but it’s still a beautiful design.



7) Manon and Dorian Throne of Glass Art Print (Made by Taratjah) 

Apologies, but this is lost on me because I haven’t read Throne of Glass yet! It looks absolutely beautiful though and I am so impressed!

img_20170301_134220.jpg8) Sneak peek for The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr

I guess this is like an advertisement for this book? It is basically just a miniature booklet that contains a prologue and a couple pages of chapter one from the book. I don’t think I will read this book just because it doesn’t really interest me but I love the quote on the envelope




IMG_20170301_130722.jpg9) Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza

What we’ve all been waiting for… THE BOOK! It comes with a letter from the author which is super cute and a signed bookplate which is awesome I don’t even have to tell you how excited I was for this! The book comes in a little black pouch with ‘Happy Reading!’ on one side and the logo for FairyLoot on the other! That is so cute that they put it in a bag to protect it! This book looks really cool and I am definitely going to read it! I was worried I’d be disappointed with the book but it actually sounds like something I’d really enjoy! The cover is so pretty!


As you can see you get A LOT in this subscription box! Like a hell of a lot of stuff! I’ve already ordered the March box and I am so freaking excited to see what stuff you get in that one! I was completely made up with the February box even if I didn’t read the books the goodies were related to. I just thought everything was super pretty and picked out with great care! The box was also packaged really well and not one item was damaged even though the outside of the box had a dent in it. I’m really impressed with FairyLoot and will definitely be ordering more in the future after the March box comes! Like I said before this post is different to what I normally do and I’d love to know if you guys would want me to do another unboxing in March? Feel free to let me know what you think! I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for reading!




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