Top 5 Wednesday: Books to Get You Out of a Reading Slump

Hey guys! Time for another Top 5 Wednesday post! This week’s topic is books to get you out of a reading slump! It’s pretty self-explanatory, everyone gets in slumps now and again so it’s nice to see what other people recommend for escaping them!

This group was created by Lainey (Gingerreadslainey) and is hosted by Sam (ThoughtsOnTomes). If you want to participate, check out the link on Goodreads here.

When I’m in a slump, I like to read genres I wouldn’t normally read and explore new authors! I find that it helps if you read a book by an author you’ve not read in the past because it’s feels like you’re reading something new and fresh, if that makes sense? Plus I sometimes get fed up with YA books if I’m reading one after another with the same tropes: love triangles and insta-love are the worst! They’re so repetitive and annoying, I just have to take a break from these books for a bit. I also like to re-read my old favourites because I find re-visiting them is quite fun and helps you re-discover your love for books and reading!

The Couple Next Door1) The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

In October I was in a really bad reading slump, like the whole month I couldn’t read anything. I’d pick something up, read the first couple paragraphs and then put it down because I wasn’t in the mood for it. It was awful! But then I saw The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena for like £3.99 in Sainsbury’s for the hardback. It sounded really interesting and I was like, damn that’s a good buy for a hardback! I started reading it as soon as I got home and it took me about a day to read it. You could literally read this book in one sitting, it was so easy to read and it was an exciting page turner. I could not stop reading page after page because it was so fast paced, full of unexpected twists and turns. Granted, the writing was not the best and I have read better crime thriller books but it was certainly gripping because it was the only book I could read and I didn’t have any interest in putting it down to go to sleep. This got me out of my horrendous slump and I believe it is a standalone because I haven’t read anything about it having a second book.

A World Without You2) A World Without You by Beth Revis

I remember I took this on holiday with me with quite a few other books. I’d pick up my other books and I just wasn’t in the mood for any of them so instead I decided to pick up A World Without You by Beth Revis and I loved this book so much! I carried it around everywhere with me and I hated having to put it away even if we went on trips because all I wanted to do was stick my head in this book and get lost in Bo’s world. It was such an amazing book and as I keep saying, my favourite book of 2016. It definitely helped me get out of my holiday reading slump and I would like to re-read this book again at some point. Beth Revis was a new author for me, I’d heard of her but I’d never read any of her books. A World Without You was a completely new read for me, it was different to what I normally read and I’m so glad I did decide to try it in the end!

Weregirl_5x7_postcard.indd3) Weregirl by C.D. Bell

This was another book that I became completely obsessed with! That cover is bloody gorgeous and is definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to read this. I am obsessed with wolves, they are such gorgeous creatures and I think they are extremely fascinating with how their packs work. I have always been fascinated by them and any book about wolves I just have to read. Weregirl did not disappoint, it was an amazing story! It had such a unique plot and I’m so excited to see where this trilogy is going! It had me guessing at every turn and eagerly turning the pages. I recommend this book to anyone who is in a slump, it is a must! You have to read it!

chasing-the-dead4) Chasing the Dead by Tim Weaver

It’s really weird how my favourite books are YA and crime thrillers. It’s such a huge contrast but I think crime thrillers are the perfect books for getting you out of reading slumps. They just get your blood pumping and the wheels in your brain spinning, trying to work out the amazing plot twist you know is coming! The David Raker books are my absolute favourite crime thriller series. If you like crime thriller books, then this series is a must! Tim Weaver never fails to disappoint, his books are always fast paced and action-packed. They constantly have me guessing at every turn and my eyes are glued to the page. I love his books and his writing! I haven’t read every book in this series yet but I’m so excited to get to them because the ones I have read have been awesome!

LM_cover5) Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

One author I can always guarantee to get me out of a reading slump is, without a doubt, the amazing Cassandra Clare! Her books are so unique and insanely creative! Lady Midnight has to be her most creative book yet! It’s just so awesome and I was seriously blown away by the story. She literally gets you hooked from the very first page and even when you’ve turned the last page, you still can’t get away because she has insane cliffhangers that leave me an absolute mess knowing I have to wait a whole year for her next book! Don’t be intimidated by the size of her books because it will literally feel like nothing when you start reading it. It doesn’t take long to get through this thick book. You could get through half of it and completely forget what time it is or what world you’re living in. Her books are a must for escaping reading slumps!

So these are my choices for getting out of reading slumps! What’s amazing is none of these books have insta-love or love triangles, success! I just really enjoyed reading them and there wasn’t one thing that bugged me about them or annoyed me! I thought they all had interesting stories and they certainly helped me get out of my slumps! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading! What books have helped you escape your reading slumps? Feel free to leave a link to your post in the comments!

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