December Book Haul!

Hey guys! This post will be split into two sections: Books I got for Christmas and books I bought myself! I have done really well with my book buying ban and I have only purchased a few books and they were on sale for only £1 and £3 because some of them were damaged so I’m pretty happy with the prices of them! The damages aren’t even that bad either! I bought a couple on Kindle too and I tend to read Kindle books faster than paperbacks so I’m hoping to get to them soon!

Books I got for Christmas:

the-chemist1) The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

My mum bought this book for me when it came out and it feels like I have been waiting months for it when in reality it actually hasn’t been that long. I’m just so happy that Stephenie finally wrote another book and even though I really wanted Midnight Sun, I am super happy with this! It’s a completely new genre for her and I’m so happy for her and cannot wait to properly sit down and read it! I have missed her books so much I kept looking at my collection wondering when she would release another and then bam! this beauty pops up! It sounds amazing and that cover! Love it!




2) Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling

Another book my mum bought for me and put away for Christmas because book buying bans, sigh! After the disappointment that was The Cursed Child I really hope this is tons better! I’m going to try and read it in one sitting because it doesn’t look that long and after seeing the film, I am excited to read it because the film was great!





I only got two books for Christmas because there wasn’t really any others I wanted! The only other one was Replica by Lauren Oliver but it was £14.99 and I couldn’t justify paying that for a book I may or may not like!

Book Haul:


1) Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge

I bought this book for only £1 but when I got home I realised it was the fourth book in a series, dammit! I did this with the bloody David Raker Thriller books! I don’t know when I will read this but it probably won’t be for a while now since it’s the fourth book and I’ll debate whether or not to buy the first book… it was only £1 though so I can’t complain! It does sound amazing though, it’s a crime thriller and I really enjoy them! They are so gripping and really twisty books.




assassins-creed2) Assassin’s Creed:: Renaissance by Oliver Bowden

I honestly had no idea that these were books! I was queuing to buy my cheap sales books when I saw these on the shelf opposite so I wandered over and I was really intrigued by them so decided to add the first book to my purchases! I played the games with my friends at uni and I loved them so I’m like really intrigued by the book, I really want to see if it’s as good as the game and if not then I’ll know not to buy the rest of them!




the-infinite-sea3) The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

I originally wasn’t going to buy this but it was in brand new condition for only £3 so I thought why not for that price? It’s ridiculously cheap and I won’t feel bad if I don’t like it because I didn’t exactly break the bank buying it.






4) panicPanic by Lauren Oliver

I have been wanting to read Lauren Oliver’s books for a while now, especially Before I fall but I can’t find it anywhere in the UK! I might just buy it on Kindle and read it that way because I am so intrigued by it! It sounds amazing! I saw Panic in brand new condition and it was freaking signed, too! How amazing is that? It only cost me £3! That is amazing for a signed book in brand new condition! It sounds really good too and I’m excited to read it because it will be the first book I’ve read by Lauren Oliver! I literally feel like I have found a gem amongst the rubble!



ragdoll5) Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review! It was an amazing book and my full review is coming soon! Highly recommend it if you enjoy mystery and crime thrillers!








6) This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab

This was only 99p on Kindle and I was given a gift card for Christmas so I couldn’t resist buying This Savage Song! Absolutely no idea what it’s about but it’s quite a popular read at the minute so I can’t wait to get to it!






red-rising7) Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Again, this was only 99p on Kindle and I have no idea what this is about but it has a lot of great reviews so it has been added on to my TBR pile!







I feel like I bought a really random selection of books this month like look at that! So many different genres you can tell my reading preference is all over the place. If I like the sound of a book, I’ll just pick it up and buy it! Doesn’t matter what genre it is! But I do mainly read Young Adult books… They are my favourites. What books did you guys buy/receive this month? Hope you all had a lovely month!

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